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► Practical examples of the use of the smartpen in education

Smartpen | Free Course


This course will maximize your investment in the Livescribe Smartpen, because you can learn to use all the features, so that your day to day life can become simpler.

Learning Objective: The modules make up a total of 24 classes. See the list of the respective summary and learning objectives for each lesson.

► Module 1: Basics of Smartpen

                  Lesson 1a - Features of the Smartpen:

                                Identify the features of the Smartpen

                                Describe each one of the features of the Smartpen

                  Lesson 1b – Smartpen settings:

                                Set time and date in Smartpen

                                Change the screen brightness and the speed of the menu

                                Switch settings between writing with the right or left hand

                  Lesson 1c - Check Smartpen status:

                                View the hour in Smartpen

                                Check the battery status and the storage capacity of the Smartpen

                                See the audio settings and the Smartpen software version

                  Lesson 1d - Function "calculator":

                                Use the calculator with the Smartpen

► Module 2: Recording and playing audio with the Smartpen

                  Lesson 2a - Written notes and record audio with the Smartpen:

                                Using Smartpen three different modes

                                Use the options to record, pause and stop

                  Lesson 2b - Using Livescribe Smartpen headphones 3-D to record:

                                Distinguish audio recording via internal microphone or headset Smartpen 3-D

                  Lesson 2c - Play audio with a touch paper:

                                Play the recorded audio with "Paper Replay"

                  Lesson 2d - Play with "Nav Plus":

                                Having access to a session with "Nav Plus"

                  Lesson 2e - Save notes:

                                Expand notes previously written with more information

► Module 3: Save, search and organize

                  Lesson 3a - Install "Livescribe Desktop" on the computer:

                                Install "Livescribe Desktop" and Livescribe Connect "on your computer

                  Lesson 3b - Play notes on the computer:

                                Accessing audio recordings related to the notes written

                                Navigate between notes and audio recordings of independent or associated text

                  Lesson 3c - Search notes in computer:

                                Browse notes written in the computer via keywords

                  Lesson 3d - Create custom notebooks to organize the pages:

                                Create custom notebooks with two pages

                                Delete pages of custom notebooks

                  Lesson 3e - Rename and delete audio recordings:

                                Rename an audio session

                                Delete an audio session of the Smartpen

► Module 4: Send and share

                  Lesson 4a - Learning to share information:

                                Identify how to use the "pencasts" to share notes

                  Lesson 4b - Storing files on your computer:

                                Saving a "pencast" PDF file on your computer

                                Send notes and audio to your computer

                  Lesson 4c - Send notes to the Livescribe Online account:

                                Configure access to "MyLivescribeConnector"

                                Send notes to your online account using the "Livescribe Desktop"

                  Lesson 4d - Send to Evernote:

                                Configure access Evernote

                                Send notes to Evernote using the "Livescribe Desktop"

                 Lesson 4e - Send to Facebook:

                                Configure access to Facebook

                                 Send notes to Facebook using the "Livescribe Desktop"

                  Lesson 4f – Send to e-mail:

                                Configure access to E-mail

                                 Send notes to the E-mail using the "Livescribe Desktop"

                  Lesson 4g - Send to Google Docs:

                                Configure access to Google Docs

                                 Send notes to Google Docs using the "Livescribe Desktop"

                  Lesson 4h - Customize shortcuts:

                                Create and customize shortcuts for "Livescribe Connect" (Google Docs)

► Module 5: Customizing with applications

                  Lesson 5a - Using existing applications in Smartpen:

                                Using the translator (demo version) with the "Nav Plus" and the Smartpen

                  Lesson 5b - Purchase and install an application in Smartpen:

                                Following procedures to purchase and install an application in Smartpen


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