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Technical Support | Smartpen | Examples and Tips

? Sending Livescribe Notes and Audio to Dropbox
? A little trick to help find content with Livescribe Desktop

Livescribe Desktop has a search function, whereby by keying in a word, it will look for it in a given notebook or in the whole library.

In order to help this functionality, we write on the page of our notebook ( for example on the bottom line ) the "tags" we want to use to classify the page content. If for example we have a meeting with a customer called Firma Top, about the Omni Pro controller, we would write "tags" such as:

Sales, Firma Top, Omni Pro...

which could  be used to find content relative to that page.



 Did you find this useful ? Would you like to add something more ? Would you like to share an advice about the use of a Livescribe smartpen ? 

Send us an e-mail to: yonos@yonos.pt

? Do not write everything and leave some blank sections....

We are able to hear many more words per minute than we can write. On the other hand it is also difficult to concentrate simultaneously on writing and listening.

 Thus, when taking notes and recording audio, concentrate on what is being said, write short summaries...and leave blank lines. Later, you can easily listen to what was said and complete your content with new notes by using the Paper Replay function. ( These newly added notes are the ones that show up with a different colour in Livescribe Desktop).



 Did you find this useful ? Would you like to add something more ? Would you like to share an advice about the use of a Livescribe smartpen ? 

Send us an e-mail to: yonos@yonos.pt

? Pencast Player for i-phone, i-pad and i-pod touch.

Downloading the free i-phone application , Pencast Player , ( available at the applications section of i-tunes) allows you to access on your i-phone :

       to the pencasts you uploaded to your Livescribe Online account;

       to the top public pencasts, both the Most Viewed and the Top Rated

       to the public pencasts per categories ( academic, blogs, business, cartoons, creative, ...)

Downloading Pencast Player for i-pad, you will have similar functionalities on your i-pad.      

Downloading Pencast Player for i-pod touch, you will have similar functionalities on your i-pod touch.  

? Empty battery on your smartpen

Well it can happen: you are in the middle of a meeting or a lecture and your battery has run out. 

For our side we carry on writing. Obviously we are not able to record any audio , but at least, we are able, after recharging the battery to write over the notes taken with the smartpen turned on. 

We can thus recover content to be synchronized with our PC/Mac.

? Should you have a choice, use a USB 2.0 port

It is a more or less obvious advice, but if you have that possibility, choose a USB 2.0 port to connect your smartpen.

The synchronizations are faster, installing and updating easier.

? Always carry an extra ink refill.

Do not forget to carry with you a spare ink refill.

Murphy´s Law will make sure you run out of ink when you least expect...

? Sync your smartpen with more than one PC/Mac

By doing so, you can have your notes synced with more than one equipment.

You thus gain an extra option in terms of protecting your written and audio notes.

? Journalist - Pen and recorder in a smartpen

If you work as a journalist, you can optimize the use of your smartpen:

- record without paper whenever you are in a situation where you cannot take notes; later you can link your audio content (session) to paper, just by writing while replaying the audio session on the smartpen;

- take notes in sync with the sound of your interview or press conference;

- want to clarify what was said or just reconfirm something that was said ? Just touch with your smartpen on your text and hear straight back from paper what you recorded as you were taking your notes;

- share your work through a pencast ( compatible with Livescribe desktop ), pencast.pdf ( compatible with Acrobar Reader X), or through your Livescribe online account to the readers you choose.

? Audio settings

We prefer the High setting in terms of Recording Quality

Doing that uses more of your smartpen memory, but we rather have this anyhow as it guarantees better results even in noisy environments or where the sound quality is bad.

How to set it up ? Have a look in ? How do I change the audio recording quality?

? Microphone Sensitivity

In order to optimize the recording audio quality, adjust the Microphone Sensitivity setting to the occasion :

- in a meeting room, choose Conference Room

- in a classroom / lecture hall, choose Lecture Hall


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