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Technical Support | Smartpen | Course (module 1)

Module 1: Smartpen Basics (4)

Set up your smartpen by using the controls on the inside front cover of your notebook.


Lesson 1a. Smartpen Features

Identify the features of a smartpen

1. Identify the features of a smartpen.
2. Describe the function of each smartpen feature.


Lesson 1b. Smartpen Settings

Configure the settings of a smartpen.

1. Set the time and date on a smartpen.
2. Change the OLED screen brightness and scroll speed.
3. Switch between left and right-handed OLED displays.


Lesson 1c. Smartpen Status

Check the status of a smartpen.

1. Display the time and date on the OLED display of a smartpen.
2. Check the status of a smartpen’s battery and storage.
3. View the current audio settings and software version of a smartpen.


Lesson 1d. Calculator Functions

Use the calculator app with a smartpen.

1. Use the calculator with a smartpen.



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