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? Mr. Licata's Math Blog

Check this blog out and its maths pencasts.



? Easy as 1-2-3: Creating pencast about unequal heating of earth

I've been worrying how my students will study for next quiz over the unequal heating of earth's surface.  I've drawn diagrams in class, had them paste in diagrams we created and still I wonder what they'll do when I'm not there to explain it again.  Heck I've been teaching this grade level for many years and I know they'll think they know it until they get home and then it will >>>> puff<<<<<<< magically disappear.

So I'm using my Echo pen to make a pencast with another explanation they can download and listen to at home.  OK....maybe it wasn't quite as Easy as 1-2-3...but it was darn close to that easy.  I think if I just use the resource more I won't forget all the steps and I'll be all set.


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I tried drawing it first but that didn't work so well because I had double lines when I did the audio.  So next I tried slipping the drawing I'd done underneath my blank page but I could see it.  Finally I ripped the page out of the notebook and held it up on the patio door (like a lightbox).  I can hear a couple of mistakes I make in the audio because I'm trying to hold the paper up, speak coherently and draw.....that's a lot for me.  But I think overall it works.
Try drawing it first with pencil and then tracing it with your smartpen. Or you can rip the page out of the notebook and print on top of it if you have a digital image. Then when you create the pencast just trace what was printed by the printer. Just a few techniques to make it easier to draw without getting double lines.
? Space Exploration Technologies Pencast – the SpaceX MERLIN Engine

Pencast from “Popular Mechanics” feature article by Michael Belfiore about Space Exploration Technologies – SpaceX and the building of  the world’s biggest amateur liquid fueled rocket engine – MERLIN.

In this pencast propulsion chief Tom Mueller,  explains the  inner workings of the workhorse engine he and his team designed and built for SpaceX.



? CHY 103 Functional Group Review

This is a lecture capture, using pencast technology, of an introductory level organic chemistry class (ie. nursing chemistry, GOB, or pre- organic) that looks at 10 of the basic functional groups relevant to biology and biochemistry from a chemistry perspective.  Concepts like intermolecular forces, physical properties, and basic reactivity are discussed.



? Analysis of a 3 Resistor Series Circuit
? Why gold became a common currency


? Pencasts for Introductory Macroeconomics

James Murray

Department of Economics University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

An excellent example of a pencast library on macro-economics academic content. Well worth visitng !

? City Planning....
? Math Lessons - Mrs.Valente


Valente-Mar 10 -3
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Valente-Mar 10 -3
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