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The Mainline power track system is a revolutionary track based power distribution solution developed to overcome the problem of traditional power outlets being fixed in one location. Via specifically designed adaptors access to power can be achieved at any point along the Mainline system.
The adaptor is inserted into the track, the adaptor is turned 90 degrees, power can be accessed by plugging the electrical device in to the adaptor.
In the UK Mainline complies to:

Single phase power track: 32A, 250V a.c.

BS EN 61534-1

BS EN 61534-21

BS EN 60999-1

MLA2 British socket outlet/adaptor: 13A, 250V a.c



As many times as required.
Mainline must only be connected to a power supply by a suitably qualified individual and in accordance with the local wiring rules. Please contact your distributor for details.
The number of adaptors is dependent on the total load current consumed at that point of time rather than the absolute number of tap-off units connected. Maximum load current available on the system is subjected to the rating of the Mains Circuit Breaker (MCB) at the Distribution Board supplying to the final sub-circuit.
The majority of Mainline components are recyclable as the principal components are made of copper and recyclable PVC. The entire Mainline installation can be removed from one position and reinstalled in another.
The British Wiring Standards Rules 17th Edition specify the length of a ring main circuit. Any installation of Mainline in the UK must be done according to these rules.
Yes, we use a combination of the quick connect corner and additional internal or external corner covers.
Yes, this will be available on the new premium 'switchable' version of the socket which will be available later this year.
The Mainline power track system is rated as IP2xD, compared to traditional general socket-outlets with rating of IP20D, the Mainline system will provide the same level or higher protection to avoid foreign objects being inserted and coming in contact with live parts.
The engagement of the Mainline adaptor onto the track has been thoroughly tested by independent test authorities in both the UK and abroad. The Mainline system meets all standards and has passed all testing. Not satisfied with the testing process from CE approval of the socket the normal testing repetitions were increased 10 fold to ensure safety. The Mainline adaptor passed all tests.
No, Mainline has been approved for use in doors.
Yes, Mainline can be installed either horizontally wall mounted or vertically wall mounted. Any installation of Mainline must be carried out in accordance with the Installation Instructions and the British Wiring Standard Rules.
Yes, with the movable premium data socket. The Mainline Premium Data Socket bridges the gap between fixed network points and wireless technology. With wireless technology having low networking speeds but high flexibility of location and fixed network points having high network speeds but no flexibility. The Mainline Premium Data Socket has been designed to sit somewhere in the middle. Offering impressive flexibility matched with equally impressive network speeds. The sockets allow you to move your internet access points, giving you the best possible coverage anywhere in your home or working environment. And all this is an added bonus on top of the ability to simply and safely add, remove and reposition power sockets.
To achieve the best results the recommended tool is a chop/drop saw with a 94+ tooth blade suitable for cutting aluminium.

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