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Up to 64 dLAN® adapters can be operated in one network.

dLAN® 200 AV (200 Mbit/s white adapters): up to 63 adapters
dLAN® HS (85Mbit/s, blue adapters ): up to 15 adapters
Please bear in mind that you can mix blue and white adaptors, but the blue ones only communicate with other blue adapters, in the same way that white adapters only communiucate with other white adapters.

Within a product family (dLAN® 200/500 AV or dLAN® 14/85 HS), you can combine devices in a network in any way you choose. However, you cannot mix the dLAN® 200/500 AV and dLAN® 14/85 HS product families. To help keep them separate, both families are colour-coded. All blue adapters of the 14/85 series work with each other and all white adapters of the 200/500 series also work with each other. You can use blue and white adapters in one mains supply network, but the white adapters will communicate with the white adapters only, and the blue adapters will communicate with other blue adapters only.

Yes. This is known as phase coupling, and in dLAN® devices, it works without the need to install an additional phase coupler. This means that you can also establish network connections via two or three phases.

You can use the adaptors with MEO, Clix/Optimus and Vodafone installed services. Besides the adaptors supplied by the operator, you can add adaptors to configure Set-Top-Boxes or even to connect Notebooks, Multimedia Hard Drives, Computers, PS3/Xbox consoles, thus allowing you to make use of a home network across the rooms in your house.


Yes, the bandwidth of dLAN® is sufficient for transmitting even high-definition (HD) videos. To enable interruption-free playback even if other data are transmitted at the same time, dLAN® adapters support data prioritisation (QoS).

Yes, all you have to do is to connect your equipment with a RJ45 cable and it will automatically be connected to the network.

Most dLAN® adapters can be used in any operating system. The software included with delivery supports all Windows versions starting with Windows 98, Linux and Mac OS X.

Yes. Any device that can communicate through an Ethernet network and has a RJ45 port can be connected to a devolo adaptor : tv´s, Blu-ray players, A/V amplifiers, game consoles, etc.

Only in rare cases does the electric meter attenuate the signal to that extent. Therefore, for security reasons, we recommend that you always use the device's internal encryption. Enable it by entering a password other than the factory password in the dLAN® Cockpit or using the encryption button.

In rare cases, power strips with integrated surge protectors can impair performance; therefore, devolo recommends plugging the dLAN® adapter directly into a wall outlet. You can then plug the power strip directly into the dLAN® adapter to obtain an optimum connection.

The Wireless USB standard is used to establish a wireless USB connection. The video and audio signals are transmitted wirelessly between the transmitter and receiver of Vianect® AIR TV.

Yes, the 500 Mbps HomePlug AV products from devolo are fully compatible with the dLAN® 200 AV products.
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