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Integrated home solutions

Integrated Home Solutions...

Thinking of your family or business we have a wide range of security solutions, energy management and entertainment.



Automation coordinates access, alarm, temperature, lighting, audio and video automatically for safety, energy saving and convenience.


Remote access allows the user to see the videos security, control lights and temperature, via a laptop or mobile device.



With a smart home you can receive reminders to put the garbage on the street at night, to take your pills or to feed your pets. With everything set, every night your house will "sleep" and leave it all automatically controlled. In the next morning it will wake up with you again.

After the system is installed you can add extra touch screens to control the pool, the spa or the garden irrigation system, in order to simplify all processes. And even children can learn to use basic features of the system.

Home automation

Home Automation

There are security systems and automation for every lifestyle, whose investment depends on the size of the home or business and the desired options.


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