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Colunas, auscultadores, auriculares, gira-discos e discos de vinil...

Speakers, on-ear / in-ear headphones, turntables and records...


Coluna M6 Veho Portugal

360° M6 Bluetooth Speaker Veho

The wireless 360° M6 Mode speaker from Veho features a high quality retro design coupled with superior sound quality and allows you to stream your music wherever you are.

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Z8 Designer Aluminium Headphones

Introducing the new 360° Z8 designer headphones from Veho. The headphones come with built-in noise isolating technology, soft leather ear pads and a contemporary aluminium look, designed to stand out from the others.

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Auscultadores Veho 360º Z8 Designer Aluminium

Auriculares Veho Waterproof 360º ZS-3

360° ZS-3 Water Resistant Sports Earphones Veho

The Veho ZS-3 earphones are from the range of water resistant sports earphones which includes a handy microphone with remote control.

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Crosley Turntables

The rich and warm sound of vinyl is back.

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Gira-discos Crosley Portugal

Discos de Vinil Portugal


Vinyl Records

Can't find your favorite vinyl record? Talk to us!

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