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Omni IIe Controller - English

Omni IIe controller with enclosure, lock set w/ two keys,Powerline Interface Module, RJ31X cord and jack, manuals.

An HAI Omni home control system is the brain of your automated home. It controls and monitors systems in your home to maximize your safety, comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

Because your Omni home automation system is monitoring your home’s systems it can be set up to take one or more actions when certain events occur. With the proper product mix, such actions include the following:
- Change a setting, like the cooling checkpoint, on a system that the home automation system controls.
- Send e-mail notifications.
- Send text message notifications.
- Make voice announcements over the speakers in the house.
- Call up to 8 different numbers to provide notification.
- Post a reminder message, such as Garbage Night, on every Touchscreens that stays up until it is acknowledged.

Events that can be used by the system to takes actions include the following:
Any change in status in a monitored home system.
- Arm or disarm your security system.
- A motion detector is tripped.
- The temperature at the thermostat changes.
- Lights are turned on or off.
- Audio system is turned on or off.
Set schedule of days and times. For example, the landscape lights can be turned automatically at dusk and turned off automatically at 10:00 PM.

> Requires a 24V 40VA transformer (PER01435N) and 12V 7Ah battery (BATTEC12V7AH), sold separately.

Dimensions: 33,5x33,0x11,5 (cm)

VAT included
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